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Mental Health Awareness and Treatment in the Developing World


Mental Health


What are mental health disorders?

Mental disorders have wreaked the havoc of modern Society. Due to following the cut-throat type of lifestyle, the scope of it is increasing day by day. New words and terms are being used to define the modern-day monster that knowingly or unknowingly is brought up by our unhealthy mindset or due to some genetic reasons and starts to cripple our day to day practical life which needs full performance to get success.

Definition of Mental Health

Mental health is the state of someone functioning satisfactorily  at emotional and behavioral levels. It is the ability to cope up all stresses of life positively without losing normal control of the mind. There are a lot of definitions one comes across when he explores them on any platform. The crux of all these definitions is that mental health is not the  just  the absence of any mental or physical disease in the body or mind but it is all about the behavior through which we approach a problem and try to solve the problem.
If we become over-stressed dealing with the tiny issue of for practical life and show hype and panic to deal it then there is necessarily something wrong with our emotional and behavioral state of mind. It does not mean that if we feel normal  stress and anxiety dealing with the unusual circumstances of life it is a mental disorder. Normal fear of doing anything that is unusual is the natural instinct of human being.


Normal mental health in a fearful condition

If you make someone stand on the top corner of the building s' roof in strong windy weather and the wind pushes him from every side, it is natural for him to be fearful from falling down. In other words, he is a mentally sound person. But the same person doesn't show any fear and panic in this fearful weather then his state of mind is questionable because he is not reacting normally. Therefore the normal fear is necessary to save our lives.

List of mental health disorders

The list of mental health disorders is very long. we will only discuss here the basic mental health disorders that are being confronted dead by the big chunk of society.
Though the list of the mental dress is very too long. We will only share significant mental disorders here.
Depression. Depression is a major mental health disorder in which a person is a time feels sad, thinks negatively, does not take interest in activities of life which results in failure in the practical and social life.

Is depression genetic?

Sun if a person has a family history of depression then there is a strong possibility that he or she will have depression earlier later in the life Very recently a British research team found out a chromosome called 3p 25-26 that was the cause of recurrent depression is the families that have a family history of depression. This does not mean that the sole cause of depression is genetic. Other factors which contribute of depression are environment and society.
Depression with psychosis. It is also a type of major depressive disorder in which a person has hallucinations (hearing some unknown voices in which some one says to you that you are useless or a good person even though the person is not visible  to the listener), delusions ( the feeling of worthlessness, failure or feeling of sin).

Generalized anxiety disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder known as GAD is also a major mental disorder, in which the person feels fear talking before the audience during a presentation, speaking with strangers. The person with the anxiety disorder remains nervous all the time and this does not let him perform even the simple day to day task of life.
Anxiety upon waking. The reason for anxiety when you wake up in the morning is basically the work of a chemical called cortisol. Actually when a person remains anxious and nervous all day that results in the elevation of cortisol levels in the morning. As cortisol has the property to keep a person unhappy therefore it causes anxiety upon waking up because it's high levels.caffeine, white sugar low blood sugar also the other major contributor to morning anxiety.

Bipolar disorder.

It is also a major mental disorder. In it, one experiences high and extremely energetic, manic feelings. One feels high mood swings that cause a problem.

Obsessive-Compulsive disorder OCD

This is the disorder in which a person keeps on repeating the same action again and again which he himself understands is the abnormal act but cannot get rid of it by himself and needs psychotherapy and medication.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

It is caused by some unfortunate past experiences like war, national disaster, verbal and physical abuse.


It creates obstacles to understand the reality of the world around him. The person with this mental disorder intervenes in other people's matters just for nothing.

Mental health first aid

Mental health first aid (MHFA) is a course designed to teach people about mental disorders, symptoms, and treatments. Anyone can join this course get the training from it.
The significance of mental health awareness
Lot of people live in the world who don't know about even basic mental health disorders. They live with them throughout life without treatment because having no awareness about them. Some of them who awareness about mental disorders, do not take treatment because of the stigma which is attached to the Mantle health disorders. Therefore there is a dire need to produce mental health awareness globally as people can get treatment of their mental disorders.

The mental health awareness day

It is celebrated all over the world on 10th October with the purpose of creating awareness about mental health among the masses. On this day the main focus of the celebrations happens to be to dilute the societal stigma attached to mental health.


Mental health disorders are caused by genetic, societal and environmental factors. These disorders can be overcome through proper medication, psychotherapy sessions, behavioral changes. It is no more stigma as the world has accepted it as a disease like other physical diseases that can attack anybody regardless of his social, economical backgrounds. We must encourage people to share  their mental diseases with their loved ones and physicians they may be guided properly to cope up with this problem.

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