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What is HDL,LDL Cholesterol Level and its Treatment


What High Cholesterol is?

The total cholesterol less than 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg /dl) is suitable and desirable. Reading more than 200 and up to 239 is considered a borderline, whereas 240 and above is considered to be a high level of cholesterol.

How much cholesterol per day

300 milligram per day is the recommended amount per day consumption. Therefore before taking any food check out their cholesterol level.


What is a Good Cholesterol Number or Level?

Good cholesterol number or level depends upon the recommended level of HDL or good cholesterol. If a person is able to maintain his or her HDL level then he or she can minimize the chances of getting heart disease.
Here is given the cholesterol level chart, with the help of that one can match his cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol Level Chart.


Good and bad cholesterol

There are two types of cholesterol, one is bad cholesterol which is technically called LDL (low-density lipoprotein), other is good cholesterol technically called HDL(High-density lipoprotein). As much as we have good HDL levels so much so our heart health remains stable.

Cholesterol to HDL Ratio

Divide your total cholesterol by your HDL cholesterol number. If total cholesterol number is higher than 200 mg/dL and HDL is below 40 then it is alarming and measures should be taken to bring it to a normal level according to the given chart
As much as we stick to the foods and exercises which maintain and enhance the level of HDL cholesterol, so much so the health of our heart increases. There are a lot of natural foods which increase the level of good cholesterol in our body. Few of them are given below

Cholesterol in Egg White

There has been a hot debate in medical science regarding the cholesterol in eggs. Some medical experts believe that eggs should not be used at all if you are having a cholesterol problem. Others counter this argument with other arguments and the debate is never-ending. But what is good is the unanimous point of view which is taken by both the School of thought is this that the egg white is harmless and full of nutrition for the people suffering from cholesterol problem. Eg…

Cholesterol in Milk

There are also a lot of controversies associated with the consumption of milk over the decades for cholesterol patients. Consumption of milk for the patients of cholesterol thought to be in and they were warned not be looked around it. Otherwise, they will have to face the music. Some flexible voices in the medical world permitted that the skimmed milk can be used in moderate quantity if one wishes too. But recent research has dispelled this stereotype concept. A recent three weeks study conducted to revisit this theory which revealed that the whole full-fat milk improved the good cholesterol levels in the body than the skimmed milk. Another benefit of full-fat milk was revealed that it is associated with the low risk of type 2 diabetes.

Cholesterol in chicken

The matter of a chicken is a bit tricky in cholesterol matters. The body of the chicken is full of good and bad cholesterol. If you use the chicken wi along with skin, it will be harmful to your cholesterol levels. If you peel off the skin of the chicken and then use it, it does not much affect your cholesterol. Different parts of the chicken have different levels of cholesterol. Legs of a chicken contain the maximum amount of cholesterol. so along with the skin, the leg's flash should abstain.  The Chest of the chicken can be used in moderation without fear as it has a low amount of bad cholesterol.

Cholesterol in Shrimp

One serving of shrimp has 189 milligrams of cholesterol, which is equal to 60% recommended cholesterol per day.shrimp has the maximum amount of good cholesterol HDL. It is good for the overall health of a human.


It is a medical term used for too much bad cholesterol ( LDL) triglycerides in the body. Hyperlipidemia may increase the chances of arteries blockage resulting in heart disease and brain hemorrhage.

Mixed Hyperlipidemia 

It is a genetic problem which is caused by family history. If someone has a problem, it has abnormal levels of bad cholesterol. It may result in heart and other associated problems.

VLDL Cholesterol 

The very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) is also a bad type of cholesterol in your body. This may also result in many types of heart disease.

Cholesterol Ratio

It is a ratio that speaks a lot about your heart health. If it is 3.5 and1, it is considered desirable and a higher ratio of it considered dangerous.
Cholesterol ratio calculator.


One should not be afraid of cholesterol in foods, rather their cholesterol intake level should be checked. Cholesterol is the building block of the human body. Therefore is it does not do any harm if taken in moderation.

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