Sunday, September 1, 2019

What is Telemedicine Health Care



Telemedicine is the delivery of health facilities that are provided to the people who live far away through the use of technology. It facilities the doctors and all the health care providers to give timely advice to patients regarding their health problems when they are unable to come to the clinic of the doctor.

A doctor can be consulted through a smartphone, video call, video conferencing and an immediate remedy may be taken from him if he or she is in dire need of it and can not reach the clinic of the doctor immediately. It s' scope is increasing day by day. People prefer their minor medical problems should be solved at their doorsteps rather than going too far away from clinics for minor health problems. It should be kept in mind that getting a consultation in emergency conditions do not come in the domain of it.

You can take the advice of the doctor if you have little bit high fever, a slightly upward or downward reading of blood pressure, a light occasional headache or stomach pain but can not take advice in severe cases through the use of telemedicine Many countries are enacting laws to make this type of care healthcare a legitimate type of providing health facilities and providing reimbursement for it.


What is Telemedicine Health care?

It is simply the remote delivery of healthcare services.

Types of Telemedicine

There are three types of it but it is not limited to it.

  1. InteractiveMedicine- It allows the patient and physician to interact with each other complying with HIPPA rules.
  2. Store and forward- It permits healthcare provider to share information with a physician who is somewhere else
  3. Remote Patient Monitoring- It allows the healthcare provider to get the data through efficient mobile devices like blood sugar level as well as blood pressure level
Many telemedicine companies that have landed in this expanding field. They hire a really good medical practitioner who provides the best consultation to the patients who
are enrolled in their panel. 

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